Good summary. A few notes:

"The “Two Sessions” are little more than a political ritual, since neither the NPC nor CPPCC have much real power." The NPC is far more powerful, both constitutionally and functionally, than the US Congress. The US Congress is a rubber stamp, as can be seen by their voting for the Patriot Act (which ended all civil liberties) without even reading–let alone debating–it.

"China is ranked 177 out of 180 countries and regions in the Reporters without Borders’ 2020 World Press Freedom Index." RWB is owned by Western private media owners. Independent polls by Edelman and Pew show that China's media are the most trusted on earth–even more than second-place Singapore's.

"US military expenditure grew by 5.3 per cent in 2019 to a total of $732 billion in 2019 while China’s grew by 5.1 per cent in 2019 to $261 billion". Adjusted for industry-specific PPP, China outspends the US on defense. The result is that the PLAN is bigger than the USN and is armed with much more powerful weapons (its more accurate missiles outrange and out-punch American missiles).

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