Neican Brief: Archive


  • Apr 5: COVID-19 & racism, US-China cooperation, Cyber sovereignty, Hungary

  • Mar 29: COVID & China’s relations, divergent responses, foreign influence/interference, community of shared future

  • Mar 22: COVID-19 update, expelling journalists, scientists, reclaiming Dr Li

  • Mar 15: COVID-19 propaganda, Xi in Wuhan, censorship and "translations", new US Xinjiang bill

  • Mar 8: Women in China, gratitude education, US-China media war, Xinjiang and modern slavery, KMT’s cross-strait policies

  • Mar 1: Gui Minhai, China’s billionaires, Sun Yang, arrests of pro-democracy figures in HK

  • Feb 24: US-China-Europe, WSJ journalists expelled, US designation of Chinese media, more Xinjiang leaks

  • Feb 16: COVID-19 & theatre of state power, Chinese military hacking, CIA spying/Huawei, US leadership

  • Feb 9: death of Dr Li Wenliang, censorship, propaganda

  • Feb 2: Coronavirus, research collaboration, Huawei and 5G, China and international organisations.

  • Jan 26: Coronavirus; party-state censorship overseas; ex-Interpol President.

  • Jan 19: Forbidden City scandal; US-China trade deal: phase one; GDP & population; Coronavirus.

  • Jan 12: Taiwan’s election; Beijing on US-Iran tensions; Spring Festival; Indonesia-China in the South China Sea; continuing Wang saga.

  • Jan 5: CCP ideology; medical infection rumours; Twitter public diplomacy


  • Dec 29: “People’s Leader;” forced prison labour; egg freezing; China-South Korea-Japan trilateral relations

  • Dec 22: intellectual freedom; one country, two systems; pork crisis; military modernisation; sports censorship

  • Dec 15: US-China decoupling; trade deal phase one; China’s 2020 economic agenda; book-burning; hostage diplomacy

  • Dec 8: China’s economic policy in 2020; China-Russia relations; Xinjiang’s human catastrophe; momentum of HK protests